JFW Consulting is a real estate consulting firm established in 2005.

JFW Consulting was created to serve the needs of non-profits, institutions, associations, corporations and real estate professionals by crafting achievable business/real estate solutions using the fundamentals of strategic planning, project management, communications, financial analysis and team development.

Our core competency is providing project management support while helping institutions identify and implement appropriate strategies to meet real estate challenges and maximize real estate opportunities.

Simple or complex real estate decisions require a fusion of institutional goals and priorities with possible solutions/outcomes.

JFW Consulting will work as either part of your team or independently to help define your unique criteria and deliver your ideal solution. With JFW Consulting on board, the transition is seamless – JFW Consulting becomes part of your team and your organization from the outset; integrating and representing your organization’s interests at the highest level throughout the project life.

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JFW Consulting can fill a short-term need or offer long-term support for the full-range of a project’s cycle – from feasibility through delivery (and beyond). Built upon a foundation of nearly 25 years dealing with matters relating to high-level corporate and institutional real estate, strategic planning and project management, JFW Consulting will help you identify, value, and implement appropriate business solutions.


Above all, what distinguishes JFW Consulting from the rest is the extensive experience of its leader. Learn more about Jody Winter‘s professional experience and accomplishments.


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