George Mason University has worked with Jody Winter on several projects over the past 8 years. She has become our go-to partner for our Public-private partner projects after leading our initial efforts in this area - the $50 million Mason Inn and Conference Center and the $30 million Masonvale Faculty and Staff housing development. In both cases she led superbly in all phases including legal documentation, procurement, proposal evaluation, contract negotiation, design and construction administration. As a direct result of her efforts, we completed both projects ahead of schedule and under budget and at quality levels that generated well-earned praise through formal awards and consistently superior visitor and resident comments. Jody's hallmarks are her organization, project management skills and her untiring work ethic. But her true value to the university resulted from her commitment to the university itself. It is a testament to this commitment that most university employees actually see Jody as a university employee rather than a consultant. No one is more dedicated to ensuring projects meet university goals and missions than Jody. No task is too big or small for her - only whether it advances the project. It is no exaggeration to state that these projects would not have been successful without her. It has been a joy working with Jody Winter and I look forward to many future opportunities in the future.

Thomas G. Calhoun - VP Facilities, George Mason University

Jody gets results for her clients. She’s a great listener, and takes the time to understand her client’s needs and objectives - as well as the needs and objectives of the other parties to a transaction. She is a creative problem solver and a strong - but always fair - advocate for her clients. Jody is a team player, always giving her best and drawing the best out of those with whom she works. Quite simply, Jody is the best!

Michael D. Goodwin - Partner, Arnold and Porter LLP

Jody has worked with GW, either as an employee or as a consultant for over twenty years. During that time, Jody has helped GW accomplish many instrumental real estate transactions including key property acquisitions, renovation and repositioning of existing assets and structuring and managing of complex real estate procurements. She is an effective team leader who combines her knowledge of the industry with attention to detail and persistent advocacy. She has consistently delivered results through creative and thorough analysis and quality management of people and processes.

Alicia Knight - Senior Associate Vice President for Operations, George Washington University

We have had the pleasure of working with Jody Winter for the last five years on our five hundred thousand square foot mixed use project in Bethesda, Maryland. Jody was instrumental in our assemblage and collaborative partnership structure with our adjacent property owners. She was creative, goal-oriented, and showed tremendous strength in the execution and finalization of all the agreements. I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting Jody when she represented George Washington University on a property we sold them some twenty years ago. I think the greatest compliment you are able to give to someone is to hire them on your team after seeing their expertise in negotiating for the other side in a prior transaction. I am confident in recommending Jody to work on any real estate projects a company may have. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Marc Duber - Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, The Bernstein Companies

Having worked with Jody on several complex real estate projects over the years, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Jody is the consummate professional and not only brings incredible experience to the task but also the ability to work as a team with all of the professionals, city agencies and community groups involved in the process. She has incredible attention to detail, knows exactly what questions to ask, and always advances the interests of her client in the most cost-effective and successful way. Most importantly, her confidence and positive attitude ensure that the result is exactly what the client wants.

Maureen E. Dwyer - Director, Goulston & Storrs

I have worked closely with Jody Winter (JFW Consulting) in my capacity as Board Chairman of Mason Housing Inc. In her role as Executive Director, she has demonstrated extensive experience in all aspects of client, board and asset management. Never to let a detail go unnoticed or an issue to go unresolved, Jody’s persistence and skill have allowed Mason Housing Inc. to accomplish great things with her ongoing leadership and management support.

Jon Peterson - Chairman, Mason Housing Inc. Senior Vice President, Peterson Companies

I have worked with Jody Winter at JFW Consulting for the past five years on projects where she was tasked as the Owner’s Rep, managing complex projects with large and diverse teams. Jody is a great project manager who seems to know what matters and how to focus the team’s efforts. Her diligence about every part of the process from design, to entitlement, to finance, and her ongoing team engagement and communication results in a fully detailed, well-considered and timely solution for her clients and partners.

Jeff Barber - Managing Director and Principal, Gensler

I would have been utterly lost without you in the start-up of this child care center process. Your attention to detail and pristine follow-up was vital to us. I left so much in your capable hands and was never let down. We truly would not have made it through those months without you. Thank you, on behalf of the many families who will benefit in the future from this center.

Mary George Opperman - VP of Human Resources, Cornell University

Jody Winter was an instrumental member of the CUA team as it selected and negotiated with its partner on its South Campus development project. Jody represented CUA well throughout the multi-year process bringing her leadership, strong analytics, attention to detail and positive attitude to the process. CUA was grateful to have her institutional and real estate experience to help manage the process.

Cathy R. Wood - VP for Finance and Treasurer, Catholic University of America