JFW Consulting helps clients realize the full value of their real estate assets.

Sidewalk View no stone_GW Square 75JFW develops a clear and thorough understanding of client goals and objectives by actively engaging client leadership – identifying desired results and necessary constraints. JFW Consulting works closely with clients to institutionalize these planning challenges and to define the road-map to desired results.

square54Whole-Foods-UP_WLA_2011-2044 copyManaging complex real estate procurement processes that result in strategic development partnerships is nothing new to JFW Consulting. JFW Consulting has established a stellar reputation for successfully managing client teams helping them form strategic relationships that meet programmatic goals and financial objectives within pre-defined risk parameters.CUA arts walk copy

Skill sets include:

  • Goal identification and articulation
  • Team building
  • Project management
  • Negotiation
  • Financial analysis
  • Board management

Project Examples:



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